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Phanerosis Prayer Network International undertakes the following programmes:

 New Year Convention:

At the close of every year, and the beginning of a new year i.e  [from Dec 30-Jan 3] all members of the Network gather at Atwea Mountains in Ghana, to thank the Lord for His goodness and mercies in the year passing, and also seek His face for the coming year.  These times in the presence of God, on His ‘‘Holy Mountain’’ have always been times of the Phanerosis [manifestations] of the glory of God. God has always shown Himself strong among His children during these precious times with Him, and has also always spoken over the lives of His children.   


Easter Fasting and Prayers Camp Meeting:

Every Easter, all members of the network gather again at Atwea Mountains in Ghana, for 4 days of fasting and prayers. These meetings are always characterized by powerful manifestations of the glory and power of God. The occasion is used to wait on the Lord for strength to go through the rest of the year. More than anything else, we believe that ‘‘those who wait upon the Lord, indeed renew their strength and vision’’.


Biweekly Phone-Based Prayer Meetings:

Members of the network meet on phone every two weeks to raise prayers unto God, on behalf of the nations, church, families, businesses, the lost, the found, you and us. Members hook up during free night call from 4am-5am via conference call, and pray and share the word of God. These moments have been most refreshing and edifying for all who participate.


Quarterly Retreats:

The network organizes a retreat once every quarter for all members. These meetings are either held on phone, during free night calls – from 2am-5 am – or gather in small groups for a period of the word, and non-stop prayer and intercession.


Other Planned Programmes:

The network aims to undertake the following programmes in due time, as its membership and scope expand across Ghana, and the world at large.


  •  Regional/Provincial prayer meetings
  • Community outreaches
  • Church Revival
  • Creation of nursing branches in schools, communities, towns, and districts.
  •  Visits to foster homes and prisons




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