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Intercession, our lifestlye!


Our Objectives:

PHANET works to achieve the following objectives:

  • To raise 1 million intercessors in Ghana by 2020.
  • To build and sustain a worldwide network of phone-based intercession and prayer meetings.
  • To have a PHANET branch in every region of Ghana by December 2013.
  • To have a PHANET branch in every district of Ghana by December 2020.
  • To hold regular regional and national intercessory prayer festivals for all network members every year.
  • To establish PHANET branches in every secondary and tertiary institution in Ghana by 2020.
  • To establish PHANET branches in 150 countries by 2050
  • To revive churches in Ghana, Africa, and the world at large.
  • To support the ministries of members of the network.

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  • Prayer against Homosexuality and Lesbianism

    People of God, let us joins hands to kick out these two evil practices from our nation Ghana, and continent Africa. God calls them abominations and it is so! We were called to h...

    Brethren all of us should lift a word of prayer on behalf of Christians in Nigeria and all over the world. Abraham did it for Lot when he was in sodom. God bless you.

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